COVID-19 Admissions Update – Prospective Pupils and Families:

Beaulieu Preparatory School Admissions Department continues to respond to enquiries and welcomes any new applications for the 2021, 2022 and 2023 school years. We are here to help you take the next step in your admissions journey.

About our school

Beaulieu Preparatory School is a school for its community, where children come first. Children are cared for, valued, inspired and nurtured to achieve success through encouraging their imagination, creativity, intellectual curiosity and academic achievement and through their physical, personal and social development. We prepare children for a world that is ever-changing, through increasingly sophisticated technologies. The staff at Beaulieu Preparatory School aim to bridge the real divisions that exist, with a constant focus on critical thinking and excellence. We expect to see our children develop into highly skilled individuals who will be inspired to develop and learn for the rest of their lives. Our ethos, values and discipline are communicated through our Charters.

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