Sport at Beaulieu Prep

At Beaulieu Preparatory School, we believe that sport should be enjoyed by all participants and that competitive sport, at too young an age, can result in disenchantment. At an Under 8 and Under 9 level, matches are regarded as educational opportunities in which the competitive aspect is secondary to the participants’assimilation of all aspects of the game.

Our aim is to introduce all pupils to as many different sporting activities as possible.  We expose the pupils to and explain the rules and etiquette of a variety of games,  We also introduce pupils to the merits of teamwork and interaction.  Our pupils are taught to win and to lose with grace and dignity.  We provide sporting equipment to enable the pupils to participate effectively in practices and to teach the pupils to care for the equipment, as well as to take pride in their own appearance both on and off the field.

We recognise each individual’s ability and motivate him/her to persevere and achieve and we also teach all our pupils the importance of being ambassadors of the school. We ensure that every Beaulieu Preparatory pupil who wishes to represent our school has the opportunity to realize this goal. Above all, we teach the importance of fair play and good sportsmanship.

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