Learner Extension Academic Programme {LEAP)

LEAP was developed to encourage a culture of academic excellence at Beaulieu College. It allows the top achievers in each grade to extend themselves beyond the confines of the classroom, often presenting opportunities that few are privileged to experience. A variety of activities are offered to pupils, with the intention to broaden their knowledge in new environments. The vision of the LEAP programme is as follows:

• To motivate academic excellence
• To extend the learning of high achievers.
• To serve all learners – integral to LEAP membership is the expectation that members will pass on their knowledge to the school community through peer tutoring, assemblies, newsletters, publications, grade lectures, etc.

LEAP Events:

1. LEAP excursions take place once a term during the school day, and after school, depending on the event.
2. Excursions could include trips to museums, galleries, landmarks, constitutional court, meetings with talented achievers, as well as subject-related field trips.