Newsletter 5 - Beaulieu Prep - 11 April 2018

From the Headmistress’ Desk

Another wonderful and jam-packed term has come to an end. We look forward to the holiday period and knowthat our children and staff will all need some time-out to relax and recharge.

The school office will remain open throughout the school holidays although the hours will be shortened (08:00to 14:00) daily. A holiday soccer clinic and a Splash/Craft Club will operate on some of the days.

The events calendar for the second term has been finalised and the term will be an extremely busy one – withschool events scheduled for most weekends. Please find a copy on the D6 communicator.

The weather is usually fine when we return to school for the second term. Children will continue to wear summeruniform until the weather turns cold. Once the weather is consistently cold, winter uniform will becomecompulsory for all pupils.I thank you for your support of the school during the term and wish you all some happy down-time with thechildren.

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