Beaulieu Prep Newsletter 7 - 2019

From the Headmistress' Desk

The school is a hive of activity and the children are making the most of the opportunities available to them. The Soccer, Netball and Cross Country season is off to an excellent start and the match/meet results, so far, have been really good.

The Uplands incoming tour was thoroughly enjoyed by all who participated. The competition was strong and the connections, established over twenty years, were again reinforced. Our visitors commented, once more, on the wonderful hospitality of the Beaulieu families. Our thanks go to all who hosted the Uplands children this year.

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Beaulieu Prep Newsletter 6 - 2019

From the Headmistress' Desk

We are raring to go and we look forward to a very busy and exciting term.

Staff News
We welcome Mrs Roxanne Louw who will be with us for the remainder of the year. Mrs Louw replaces Dr Sonia Phillips who is in need of extended maternity leave. Mrs Louw read for a Bachelor of Science and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education at Rhodes University and has more than five years of teaching experience in Independent schools. We welcome her to Beaulieu Prep and look forward to having her on the teaching team.
We also welcome Mrs Eugenie Eloff who will be with us for the term. She replaces Mrs Jenny Fourie who is enjoying her well-deserved long leave this term. Mrs Eloff has done locum work for us before and we are delighted to have her back at school with us.

Mrs Rosanne Van Wyk (Grade 2) has returned to us, following the birth of her son, Alexander Jonah, last year. Welcome back, Mrs Van Wyk - we missed you at school!

We are most grateful to Mrs Sandy Fitzpatrick who will continue to locum in the Phys Ed department pending the arrival of a full-time specialist in the role of Head of Girls' Phys Ed. We know how much our children benefit from Mrs Fitzpatrick's special brand of coaching.

Congratulations to Mrs Silke Nell (Grade 00) who was married in the holidays and who has been transformed into Mrs Roscoe! We wish her every joy and happiness in the years to come.

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10th Beaulieu Challenge

The annual fundraiser set to enhance the educational, cultural and sporting experience for the children of the Beaulieu Preparatory School and its chosen beneficiaries.

We are beyond excited.... This is the week to enter! You have a fantastic choice of distances in both disciplines:

MTB: 2km, 5km, 10km, 25km and 45km and
Trail Run: 3km, 6km and 12km

Get your entries submitted, like our FACEBOOK PAGE, tag 3 friends you'd like to join you on the 9th June at Riversands Farm Village for the Beaulieu Challenge MTB & Trail Run - 10th Edition! and you could WIN one of these great prizes:

a Salsa voucher, Mugg 'n Bean voucher and a Sorbet Man hamper.

Collect your race numbers from Kyalami Corner Shopping Centre, where there is more fun in store, it’s going to be epic!

Online entries close 7pm Thursday 6 June.



Beaulieu Prep Newsletter 5 - 2019

From the Headmistress' Desk

Academic Excellence in International Test

We were, once again, delighted with the International Benchmark Test (IBT) results of our pupils.

The IBT exams were written by the Grade 3 & 6 pupils in October last year and the results were recently received by the school. The Grade 3s wrote the English and Maths exams and The Grade 6s wrote the English, Maths and Science exams.

It is gratifying to know that our pupils, once again, outperformed their counterparts both in SA schools and in International schools.

Congratulations to the following Grade Seven pupils (last year's Grade Six pupils) who had stellar performances.

Certificates of Distinction (top 5%) and Certificates of High Distinction were handed out in last Friday's assembly.

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Beaulieu Prep Newsletter 4 - 2019

From the Headmistress' Desk

Human Rights Day

This is a three day school week due to Human Rights Day on 21 March and a school holiday on Friday. I know that we all appreciate a break in routine, sometimes, and it's always wonderful to have a little extra 'me' or family time.

However, if that's all that this public holiday means to us today, blood was spilled in vain on that fateful day in SA history. This public holiday is meant to commemorate the events of the 21st March, 1960 when sixty-nine black South Africans lost their lives and 180 more were injured. They were shot by the police in Sharpeville whilst protesting peacefully against the pass laws imposed by the apartheid government of the day. This is our history, and shocking and sad as it is, we have all been the beneficiaries of it. A Human Rights Constitution was born, years later, precisely because events like these encouraged South Africans to stand up and to speak out against injustice and the lack of the freedom we should prize today.

Today, we all have the luxury of going wherever it is we wish to go without needing the permission of those in power and without the fear of being shot or jailed. With this freedom comes many other human rights and with those rights come important responsibilities. We must teach our children that they have rights and that, if we are to safeguard these, we must appreciate them and use them well.

Happy Human Rights Day! We can enjoy the day tomorrow, and every day, because many of our forefathers paid the highest price for it.

Staff News

Congratulations to Mrs O'Brien (Grade 2) and Dr Phillips (Science) who are expecting babies in the third term.

Warm regards
Mrs N Hillen

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