Beaulieu Prep Newsletter 2 - 2019

From the Headmistress' Desk

You will probably be aware of the case against an Independent Prep school in which the school's contract with a parent was terminated following a spate of threatening and abusive behaviour, by the parent, of coaching and school staff.

This has been covered in the media over the last year as the courts handled, and upheld, the school's right to cancel the contract with the parent. Currently, there is a fresh round of media interest, as the parent's two sons have not been offered places in other Independent Schools.

Because our sports season has just begun and because we had three incidents last year in which our school was required to act against our own parents following abusive behaviour of other parents/ coaching/teaching staff, I thought it was a good idea to ensure that parents are aware of the school's stance on this and how poor behaviour, by parents, at sports practices and matches will be handled.

Although the general principles are already covered in the school documents with which parents are familiar, (Parent Contract, Parents' Charter and Co-curricular Policy) the Co-curricular Committee, which is comprised of parents and staff, feels that it has become necessary to explicitly state our expectations of parents when it comes to school sport.

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Beaulieu Prep Newsletter 1 - 2019

From the Headmistress’ Desk

We are delighted to have the children at school, once again, and we know that 2019 will take each of them strongly forward in so many ways. Our programme is jam-packed with opportunities for learning and we can't wait to get started once more.

A special welcome to our new children, parents and staff. Our school family has expanded again this year and will be complete in 2020.

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Newsletter 9 - Beaulieu Prep - 11 July 2018

From the Headmistress’ Desk

Dear Parents

This has been an incredibly busy period and this newsletter is  full of the details of some of the events which have taken place.

Next week, several of the school staff will be sleeping in cardboard boxes in the school quad in order to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless and to persuade you to donate some of the necessities, which are sorely lacking in nearby communities. Do come to see the teachers in their pajamas on the evening of Madiba’s centenary and to enjoy some star gazing whilst you are here. All donations for communities in need will be gratefully accepted.

During the same morning, the children will be doing a symbolic “Long Walk” in which they will physically carry their donations to a venue at which representatives of the recipient groups will
receive them.

We wish you all a happy three weeks in the run up to the August holidays. Keep warm!

Warm regards

Mrs N. Hillen

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Newsletter - Beaulieu Prep

From the Headmistress’ Desk

Dear Parents

The mid-term break, at the end of next week, heralds the middle of the academic year. If the speed of time is the measure of fun, we are having fun by the truckload at school.

This newsletter brings news of some of the recent activity in which our children have been involved: scholarship examinations, the Horizon Maths Challenge, the interhouse quiz, our choir performance at the Summit music festival and the Flash Mob at Kyalami Corner, a tennis festival, our drama production and the PTF Mountain Bike & Trail Run.

In addition, our soccer and netball teams had wonderful performances at the Grayston Festival this last weekend. Our U12 boys won the gold medal after excellent games against Kyalami, Grayston, Redhill, Dainfern and HeronBridge. The U11 and U12 netball teams won silver medals. Well done to all the players, and their coaches, on these fine performances.

A big thank you to those parents who responded to the IQAA survey around school improvement. The figures below show the response rate:

  • 58% of Gr 000 – 0 parents
  • 52% of Gr 1 – 3 parents
  • 60% of Gr 4 – 7 parents

IQAA will be collating the responses and we will use these results to decide on focus areas for the remainder of the process.

As this is the last newsletter before our week’s break at mid-term, I wish you all a happy and relaxing holiday with the children. I would also like to wish our Muslim families a Blessed Eid as the fast is broken on 15 June.

Warm regards

Mrs N. Hillen

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